My Rapsberry Pi troubles

IMG_0781.JPGI love programming. It’s a fun, rewarding activity that lets you create games, apps, and make your computer do LITERALLY ANYTHING. After doing some coding in school with a BBC Micro:Bit (yes, I’m British) I decided to buy a Raspberry Pi to learn Python on.

That’s going well so far!

I noted all the equipment I would need: A Monitor, a Keyboard, a Mouse, a Micro-SD Card with an adapter, a case, and a HELL of a lot of patience.

There are two things on that list which I don’t have.

And you already know the first one.

After running from store to store and making use of Amazon Prime 1 day delivery, I got everything I need.

Apart from patience, which you can’t buy on Amazon (unfortunately) and one more thing.


It should have been a simple, £100 purchase from a nearby shop. But no, my parents wanted to over-complicate things again.

Basically, they are telling me that I am not allowed to but the £100 monitor (even with my own money) and they want me to buy a £200 TV instead!

I don’t have a extra £100.

I mean, I know about the VNC thingy, but that worked like s**t on my PC. I’ve even bought the book: Learning Python with Rapsberry Pi. 📚 📚 📚

But I’m still waiting to change the world, let’s say. 🌍🌎🌏

I’ll keep you updated with what happens.


My (failed) attempts at YouTube

IMG_0780I’ve always wanted to make a good YouTube video. My aim was to be able to make awesome reviews of technology – related things (such as the PS Vita and 3DS, both thugs I tried to review) get lots of subscribers, and then have top – technology companies send me stuff to review, and then let me keep it as “payment”. However, I soon realised that there was a fundamental problem with that idea. That problem? I just COULD NOT make a decent video!!!!

Hmm. It looks like Samsung won’t be sending me a free Galaxy S8 anytime soon. After realising that was the case, I quickly turned my efforts to something even more stupid:


So please subscribe. I’ll be talking about my issues of obtaining a monitor/screen for my Raspberry Pi soon. Until then, OVER AND OUT. 🎧🎧🎧🎥🎥🎥

The IoT Fidget Spinner

IMG_1302.JPGHey everyone. I’ve just had a brilliant idea: An Internet-connected Fidget Spinner. The way it would work is simple: Inside there is a WiFi Chip and power – generator – thingy, and when you spin the device, it both powers it (by turning the power generator) and activates the WiFi Chip so it can send a simple message (a trigger) to IFTTT. Using the IFTTT app, you can program what you want to happen next (e.g. If Fidget Spinner is spun, email me my Alexa Shopping List). As you can see, the possibilities are endless with this thing. Wouldn’t it be great if someone made this thing?!?! Yeah. But I tell you all now, this idea is COPYRIGHT @TheMegaNet2 on Twitter. If anyone out there wants to develop this as a product, then please contact me on that same account (@TheMegaNet2) and we’ll arrange for you to send me 10,000 Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime smartphones in exchange for the rights to this idea. Thank you all and see you in my next post GOODBYE!!!!


A Drone Above the School

IMG_0749I’ve always wanted to fly a drone around above my school. I’d stand in the grounds nearby and fly the video drone high up above the school so it wouldn’t be noticed by the staff/teachers. Then I’d have an aerial view of my school and I would be able to spy on the other pupils.

But I wouldn’t stop there.

I’d smuggle my drone into the school and stand somewhere secret and out of the way. With a VR headset, I’d fly my drone around INSIDE the school and see the other pupils’ reactions! It would be so AWESOME!!!!

I’d need about £600 and a tough nerve to make this happen, and there’s no way my parents would let me take a drone to school (and a big bulky drone is VERY hard to smuggle past your parents) so I sadly doubt this will ever happen though 😟. What a shame. 🚁🚁🚁

50 (or 47,919) Smartphones

IMG_0751.JPGI’ve always wanted to run a smartphone company. I want to go on Amazon and buy 50 Vodafone Smart First 7 smartphones for £1,000 (as they are £20 each) and then put them all in my room and create a massive supercomputer. Or, even better, manipulate Vodafone’s SIM card system to create my own mobile network in my neighborhood and then give everyone a phone (for £30 each, with free use of the network for local calls) and make MONEY!!!! Yay! I love smartphones! I want 50 of them! Or 47,919 of them…

I would now settle for the 50, but I’ve previously been looking at the ultimate dream: 47,919 Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime smartphone priced at £80 each (and are unlocked to all networks) and then using them for… Something awesome!!!! But that would cost me £4,000,000. I don’t have a spare £4 million anywhere. Or even a spare £1,000. And there’s no way my mum would let me have them. Hmm, maybe I’ll start a crowdfunding page and have the Vodafones delivered to an Amazon Locker? That could work. Let’s hope it does.

The Internet of Everything

IMG_0750.JPGHello everyone (or no-one, I hope). Welcome to my blog. After reading this, the world is going to make A LOT more sense (or a lot less sense). You see, I’m a 14 year old (give or take a year or two) living in Edinburgh (give or take a few hundred miles) with a lot on her mind.

There are some people (crazy hippies) who entrust (what a posh word!) their thoughts and feelings to the sea. But that’s way too medieval for me. So I’m going to trust my thoughts and feelings to the Internet, the place of the smart thermostat, the IoT Fidget Spinner (which I’ll be talking about in a bit) and a few billion damn smartphones (more on them in a minute). TVs, fridges, watches and glasses (what the hell?!) I think we can can safely say that it is the Internet of Everything. So, now to talk about the smartphones…