IMG_0751.JPGI’ve always wanted to run a smartphone company. I want to go on Amazon and buy 50 Vodafone Smart First 7 smartphones for £1,000 (as they are £20 each) and then put them all in my room and create a massive supercomputer. Or, even better, manipulate Vodafone’s SIM card system to create my own mobile network in my neighborhood and then give everyone a phone (for £30 each, with free use of the network for local calls) and make MONEY!!!! Yay! I love smartphones! I want 50 of them! Or 47,919 of them…

I would now settle for the 50, but I’ve previously been looking at the ultimate dream: 47,919 Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime smartphone priced at £80 each (and are unlocked to all networks) and then using them for… Something awesome!!!! But that would cost me £4,000,000. I don’t have a spare £4 million anywhere. Or even a spare £1,000. And there’s no way my mum would let me have them. Hmm, maybe I’ll start a crowdfunding page and have the Vodafones delivered to an Amazon Locker? That could work. Let’s hope it does.


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