IMG_0780I’ve always wanted to make a good YouTube video. My aim was to be able to make awesome reviews of technology – related things (such as the PS Vita and 3DS, both thugs I tried to review) get lots of subscribers, and then have top – technology companies send me stuff to review, and then let me keep it as “payment”. However, I soon realised that there was a fundamental problem with that idea. That problem? I just COULD NOT make a decent video!!!!

Hmm. It looks like Samsung won’t be sending me a free Galaxy S8 anytime soon. After realising that was the case, I quickly turned my efforts to something even more stupid:


So please subscribe. I’ll be talking about my issues of obtaining a monitor/screen for my Raspberry Pi soon. Until then, OVER AND OUT. 🎧🎧🎧🎥🎥🎥


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