IMG_0781.JPGI love programming. It’s a fun, rewarding activity that lets you create games, apps, and make your computer do LITERALLY ANYTHING. After doing some coding in school with a BBC Micro:Bit (yes, I’m British) I decided to buy a Raspberry Pi to learn Python on.

That’s going well so far!

I noted all the equipment I would need: A Monitor, a Keyboard, a Mouse, a Micro-SD Card with an adapter, a case, and a HELL of a lot of patience.

There are two things on that list which I don’t have.

And you already know the first one.

After running from store to store and making use of Amazon Prime 1 day delivery, I got everything I need.

Apart from patience, which you can’t buy on Amazon (unfortunately) and one more thing.


It should have been a simple, £100 purchase from a nearby shop. But no, my parents wanted to over-complicate things again.

Basically, they are telling me that I am not allowed to but the £100 monitor (even with my own money) and they want me to buy a £200 TV instead!

I don’t have a extra £100.

I mean, I know about the VNC thingy, but that worked like s**t on my PC. I’ve even bought the book: Learning Python with Rapsberry Pi. 📚 📚 📚

But I’m still waiting to change the world, let’s say. 🌍🌎🌏

I’ll keep you updated with what happens.


One thought on “My Rapsberry Pi troubles

  1. tell them that if they want you to spend twice as much on something you dont want, they should fund the difference.

    also point out that while monitors are both cost effective and relatively secure, that modern tvs often have security problems in their firmware, and that you dont want to pay extra for something that can be used to compromise the home network.

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