IMG_1302.JPGHey everyone. I’ve just had a brilliant idea: An Internet-connected Fidget Spinner. The way it would work is simple: Inside there is a WiFi Chip and power – generator – thingy, and when you spin the device, it both powers it (by turning the power generator) and activates the WiFi Chip so it can send a simple message (a trigger) to IFTTT. Using the IFTTT app, you can program what you want to happen next (e.g. If Fidget Spinner is spun, email me my Alexa Shopping List). As you can see, the possibilities are endless with this thing. Wouldn’t it be great if someone made this thing?!?! Yeah. But I tell you all now, this idea is COPYRIGHT @TheMegaNet2 on Twitter. If anyone out there wants to develop this as a product, then please contact me on that same account (@TheMegaNet2) and we’ll arrange for you to send me 10,000 Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime smartphones in exchange for the rights to this idea. Thank you all and see you in my next post GOODBYE!!!!



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